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Fishing at the Philippe Pond

The Philippe Pond offer numerous opportunities for fishing enthusiasts: Day fishing (carps, pikes, perch, trout, tench, roach) and night fishing (carps).

Regulation: pike 24 inches, zander 20 inches, trout 8 inches / maximum 3 carnivores (pikes or zanders), 6 trouts, 3 carps (less than 5 kg) per day and per fisher. Access from the watersides or with a small boat, night fishing of carps.

  • At the city hall: +33(0)4 73 85 71 53
  • At the bar « Le café crème » -street: Rue Mercière: +33(0)4 73 85 70 17
  • At the campsite (during the summer): + 33(0)473 85 74 84

In 2019 several contests will take place: July the 21st contest opened to everyone. August the 15th: fishing contest for the youth, 4 trouts releases along the year: at the opening, March the 16th, April the 13th and May the 11th.

Find out more about fishing at the Philippe pond: Règlement de pêche étang Philippe 2019 / Reglement pêche de nuit 2019

-Fishing card sales:
– At the campsite reception
– At the city hall
– At the bar « Le café crème » -street: Rue Mercière

Fishing offer in the Combrailles

The Combraillles are a paradise for fishing enthusiasts for beginners as well as experienced fishers with its 1st category rivers, streams, dam lakes and many ponds and with a view on the Puys chain and the Limagne fault !

La Sioule, this famous salmon river is a trout paradise with its deep gorges and meanders.

Fishing stay, it includes about 15 fishing circuits or no-kill circuits.

There are also training courses in the Combrailles that focus on learning or perfecting you fishing experience. You can come try new techniques et find a new passion with the help of a guide or instructor with the training courses about carnivore, living baits, fishing with float tube or fly fishing.

You will find guides online or on paper at the tourism office of the Combrailles ( about fishing in the Combrailles and Puy-de-Dôme, just like this guide available on this website