Environmental approach

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The campsite is in a green station. A green station is an environmental label that describes a welcoming area in the heart of the local environment and that promotes meaning bearing vacations and in favour of a genuine, authentic, human and environmentally friendly tourism.

The environment takes an important place for us and we try our best to better ourselves as we go along.

These are some examples of procedures we have put in place:

Economical management of information  :

– Even though we favour emails, we print documents when required double-sided on recycled paper, with black ink.

– We limit our stocking of data on the Cloud,

– We close our web pages when we’re done with our research and turn off our monitors every evening.

Awareness :

We provide to our residents cleaning products with environmental labels in reusable container that we fill up ourselves. This way we can avoid small single use cleaning kits.

Our cleaning products as well as our supplies are at 92% ecolabels (environmental certification label), everything else meet the norms HACCP.

Electricity and water:

We implemented streetlamps with special light bulb that turn on when required. They are also equipped with a timer switch.

We regularly read our water and electrical meter to watch our consumption and minimize the risk of leaks.

We are replacing the light bulb with energy-saving light bulb.

We ask for your help with informative signs in order to avoid water and electrical waste.

Local economy :

We favour regional products, of which the region Auvergne is rich.

We favour local materials (especially the wood) as well as local shops.

The furniture pieces of the Snack Bar come from a local recovery centre: La Remise à Saint-Maurice près Pionsat.

We try to replace most of the electrical appliances with repackaged goods.


The campsite has an area dedicated to recycling.

We recommend you go to the centre for waste sorting in Saint-Gervais d’Auvergne for bulky trash, chemical products…

A storage unit for used batteries is at your disposal so they can be recycled.

In the area dedicated to recycling you will find a compost bin.

Landscape integration:

We planted hedges made of local variety.

We built a « insect hotel ».

We put a special mowing system in place (with parcels where we let the grass grow) to stimulate the ant and plant biodiversity. It also helps for a good pollination.

Everyone can act in favour of the environment:

We invite you to:

  • Respect the recycling instructions
  • Limit your water consumption
  • Turn off the light when they are not required
  • Recycle batteries in the storage unit made for it
  • Discover the local products
  • Limit the use of your car and favour cycling, walking: Bread reservation service at the reception.